In the Process of Overcoming Writer’s Block

Writing has always been natural to me. I have been writing since I was in elementary school. Be it stories that come to mind, diaries, even essays. I didn’t how effortless it was for me to write until I was in secondary school when the teacher asked us to write a short story with a minimum of 5 pages, in which I wrote 12 pages. Then, secondary school became my most productive year in writing. They were my most inspiring years. Until one day I wrote less and less, and it stopped.

It’s devastating because deep down I know I crave to pour my thoughts into writing. I love seeing the words I have in my mind and perhaps re-read it a few days or years later, turning it into some kind of token of what I was going through in that span of time. Other than that, I find comfort in words; they’re an art form, in my opinion, is the easiest to mold. Art is so beautiful and creates deep and different emotions for each person. To have a talent to master art is what I’ve always wanted. But after years and years of discovery, the only art form I have truly ever been able to at least produce something decent is through writing. So it has become something I especially cherish.

The lack of writing I have in my life at the moment has alarmed me. Especially when these days I find it hard to just sit, type some thoughts into my computer, without having to worry about the next day (the harbinger of adult life I suppose). And so I’m just determined to tap back into my creative zone when I have the time. Also, I have spent more time reading these days. It seems I’ve spent a little of my income to buy books so I don’t feel guilty as much. I’m trying to have a more diverse reading; different backgrounds, different plots, different genres. But most of all to get my writing passion burning again.

I feel like this is the time for me to motivate everyone to keep doing what you have been passionate about all your life. Even if it’s not your work, nurture it as if it’s beneficial for you in later life (it most definitely will). Have fun creating things! Utilize your mind to the fullest! Listen to yourself, what do you need at this moment?

Flower Child. I’m not sure where my life is heading but at least I have my writings.